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Alliance Security

Lease versus Purchase

For customers who hope to improve their home’s security, the choices can be confusing. Some companies seem to offer great deals through a leased system, while others do not. What are the pros and cons?

Leased Alarm System

  • No money down, but high monthly fees for the duration of the contract
  • Credit check is required
  • Must be bundled with other services
  • No daily confidence test
  • No extras on the basic system, but any add-ons are often priced at higher than if the system was purchased outright
  • Lease has to be renegotiated with a new purchaser if the homeowner sells
  • No guarantee on false alarms
  • No guarantee the alarm monitoring centre is local
  • No guarantee installation is done by an insured, experienced technician
  • Monthly fees are higher, even after the original lease term ends
  • Extra charges per device

Purchased Security System

  • Upfront costs to own
  • Guaranteed quality system
  • Daily confidence tests
  • Customer owns the system outright
  • 100% guarantee Alliance Security will pay for any false alarm call out costs
  • Guaranteed locally owned and monitored
  • Guaranteed personal service calls by Alliance Security technicians
  • Installation by our certified, insured staff – no subcontractors