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  • What products do you use?
  • At Alliance Security, we primarily use systems developed by General Electric/Interlogix. Why? Because they’re the only systems that we know don’t cause our customers problems down the road. Our customers rarely experience false alarms. And if they do, we will pay for the costs.
  • What certification do you have?
  • Unlike most alarm companies who use uncertified sub-contractors, Alliance Security is owned and operated by Terrill Leclair, who is a licensed electrician. As a result, our installations are safe, meet the building code and are professionally done. We are experts in concealed wiring and wireless installations. It is recommended that consumers find a company offering insured, certified installers with at least 10 years of experience. Letters of reference for Alliance Security are available upon request.
  • Do you do residential or commercial installations?
  • Alliance Security Systems has both residential and commercial clients.
  • What is the benefit of buying an alarm system instead of leasing it?
  • While you do pay more upfront when buying a system, you also own it outright. Why does that matter? For one thing, if you sell your house, the alarm system can be included in the sale. However, if you lease a system, you must end your contract before you sell. Plus, if the new owners don’t want the system, they will also have to pay to have it removed, or take over your existing contract. We offer both purchased and leased systems.
  • What happens if we have a false alarm?
  • We use top quality security systems, so false alarms are rare. However, if you do have one, we service the system, find out the problem and pay for the false alarm.
  • Can I get an insurance discount if I have a security system?
  • Yes. A lot of people don’t realize they get an insurance discount.

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  • Where is your monitoring station?
  • We’re locally owned and operated, so our monitoring station is right in Ottawa, on Gladwin Crescent, backed up by sister stations in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City and Vancouver.
  • Do you offer a 24-hour service?
  • Yes, we offer both 24-hour telephone support and service calls.
  • How often do you do a system confidence test?
  • While conventional systems send a test daily, smarter systems testing and communications are done several times a day.
  • How long is your labour and equipment warranty?
  • Both labour and equipment are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for as long as you are on line with us.
  • What are your service rates and fees?
  • Our rates fluctuate, so please ask for details. There are no hidden truck or mileage charges.