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24 hour security system monitoring

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Potential Risk: If you only have a wifi or broadband only solution, you are not getting security. If you have ever had your cable go out, power go out or internet go down then you have experienced a time when your security system would not have worked.

Make sure you are covered when you need it most. Get a dedicated connection and stay protected.

Dedicated Cellular Communication

  • Securely connected
  • Dedicated to security
  • 24 hr. protect in power outage
  • Always-on protection
  • Defeats common vulnerabilities
  • Reliable and secure

Wifi and Broadband only Communication

  • Leaves you exposed
  • Shared with many other services
  • Disabled by power outage
  • Fails when internet is down
  • Exposed to external line cut
  • Vulnerable to hacking
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If you are going to invest in protecting your home make sure it works when you need it. Having a dedicated communication path for your security system will ensure you cover these common vulnerabilities and stay protected when you need it.

Security should be reliable, secure and dedicated to your protection.

You have a choice; choose a security system that will actually work.

Most providers don’t offer a truly secure connection. Be aware of where you may be exposed or have limited capability depending on your connection services. Important Note: A dedicated connection for your security and energy management services not only provides the best protection, it also gives you the freedom to change internet providers without disturbing the safety and comfort of your home.

Common Events Dedicated Connection Broadband with Cell Backup (Example: ADT Pulse; Comcast Xfinity Home) Wifi Only (Example: Honeywell)
Power outage Protected
Cable outage Protected & Connected
Internet outage Protected & Connected
Router failure Protected & Connected
Cable line cut from the outside Protected & Connected
Internet Speed Issues (Throttling) Protected & Connected
Secure connection Yes No No
2-way Emergency Voice Yes Yes No

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if something happens at home, you’ll know about it – instantly. That’s the beauty of smarter home technology. Not only will you know who armed or disarmed your system, you’ll know when they did it. You can even access historical data by logging in, then watching it live or recording events in our cloud-based service.

Our monitoring station is located locally and is backed up by sister stations in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, and Vancouver. This kind of true redundancy in monitoring combined with the highest quality equipment available ( manufactured by GE/ INTERLOGIX ) will provide you with years of false alarm free peace of mind. We guarantee all of our custom GE systems against false alarms and warrantee all installed equipment for the duration of your time on line with us.