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Alliance Security

Security for your business

Image of GE Interlogix services for business video.

Your business is your livelihood, so it makes sense to give it every protection possible against burglary, theft and vandalism – particularly when you’re not around. With wireless GSM technology, you get a secure and reliable way to monitor what’s happening, any time you want.

As an interactive solution, our highly programmable system allows you to monitor multiple cameras from your computer or smartphone. You can set up motion-triggered recordings of high-risk areas and get real-time alerts, too. We can even retrofit your existing analog cameras and DVRs with a specialized server.

And that’s not all. Even if the phone line is cut or there’s an attempt to disable the wireless system, the patented Crash & Smash Protection means a signal will still be sent to our central monitoring station.

Ideal for retail shops, restaurants, medical offices, storage facilities and construction sites, our commercial security system can:

  • Advise you when your business has been opened or closed
  • Remotely monitor activity in multiple businesses
  • Alert you if the alarm is not armed or disarmed
  • Monitor temperatures
  • Receive power outage alerts
  • Set up arming schedules
  • Send instant notifications through your smartphone if motion is detected in restricted areas, such as cash registers, filing cabinets, safes, inventory rooms, data centres and other sensitive areas, even when the system is disarmed