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GE Interlogix

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Advanced, reliable, tailored for you.

That’s what you get with a GE Interlogix security system, designed and manufactured by GE Security. Adjustable to meet your unique requirements, a GE Interlogix system creates zones of protection around your home though specific sensors and detectors. When an alarm is triggered, the system not only knows exactly where it’s occurring, but what’s happening, whether it’s a window intrusion, fire or other event. Plus, with a GE Interlogix system, you can choose to activate either a perimeter alarm for when you’re home or a system-wide selection for when you’re away. There are also a number of advanced features – carbon monoxide detection and lighting control – to enhance your home environment.

In addition to being reliable, adaptable and smart, GE Interlogix also offers optional, advanced lifestyle features. It’s important to consider these options, as insurance companies actually deal with more water and smoke damage claims than those for burglary.

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Smoke detectors:

As part of your overall security, this GE Security system offers peace of mind through a wireless smoke alarm centrally controlled by your control panel.

Motion sensors:

As an additional security measure, discrete motion detectors can be added to your security system package that will detect and report on any intruder movement.

Door and window contacts:

A first line of defence, door and window contacts detect any opening or closing of doors or windows, as it happens.

Carbon monoxide detectors:

As important as smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide alarm will detect changing in levels of carbon monoxide, known as the ‘silent killer’ since it is odorless, colourless and tasteless.